Openhaus June

open studios, installations and resident talks

OPENHAUS - open studios, installations and resident talks

Once a month the residency program of ZK/U is opening its doors to the public. The visitors are invited to connect with the hosted projects and to explore its residency program.

19:00-22:30 Open studios, installations & food
20:00 Guided tour through the exhibition

Participating residents: Sanaz Sohrabi, Cha JiRyan, Kiwon Hong, Shabahang Tayyari, Sven Sorić & Hrvoje Spudić , Daniel Greenfield-Campoverde, Undine Sommer, Boris Jöns

ZK/U will open various spaces including its terrace to exhibit the current residents works. The OPENHAUS June features pieces on national imaginaries & collective memories in form of various video installations. The visitors are invited to explore a bike ride through collective memory, a comic-terror performance and a video installation between internet aesthetics and political nations.
OPENHAUS is further encouraging interaction and dialogue not only between the artists and the public but also among the works of resident artists themselves and the visitors.
It will be an opportunity for visitors to get actively involved in community-based artworks like a self-publishing print station, an ongoing archive of contacts & inspiration and a performance where a dialogue between written comments and sound will take place.
Don’t miss the opportunity to meet the artists and researchers in residence and to explore ZK/U’s space and surroundings, to ask questions, to discuss and to exchange ideas about ongoing projects and artistic practices.

Free Entry

*The event space is reachable by wheelchair and has an all-bodies toilet.


Daniel Greenfield-Campoverde & Undine Sommer

Undine & Daniel spent these days making a bike ride through collective memories along the former Berlin wall. Their research aims to explore the relation between the geographical proximity to the event of the fall of the wall and the impact it had on the individuals that day.

Sound designer Hyemin Jung (Joreng) will accomplish the work with a soundscape titled “Falling Voices” comprised of field recordings mixed with historical sound fragments from the day the wall fell down.

Ps: Undine was born in the morning of November 10, 1989 and in that spirit, cake will be served..

Boris Jöns

Boris Jöns explores the expressional possiblities of opinions via text. Visitors can interact with the ongoing musical performance by making utterances of

<pre> - Begründung / reasoning - Belehrung / lecturing - Empörung / indignation - FaktBasta / non negotiable fact statements - Gaga /gaga & nonsense - Lösung / solutions - Positionierung / self positioning - Standpunkte / standpoint - Unterstellung / insinuation - Zugeständnis / consession - Zustimmung / agreeing - Zweifel / doubt With machine learning algorithms text is being classified and mapped to musical information as notes, volume or sound parameters. The alghorithm is now trained to german language only but non-german speakers are very welcome to add new categories.</pre>

Sanaz Sohrabi

A video essay on national imaginaries and what we yearn to forget. Experience the 17 Minute long film by Sanaz on our Openhaus. It follows and observes three different monuments which were built and later demolished, altered or repurposed, each as part of a separate nation-making project. Movements, objects, photographs, and fluxes of different materials seem to be repeating one another, images lose their author and every picture can be read in relation to the hitherto visible or an anticipation of the forthcoming..

Shabahang Tayyari

Be prepared for this bittersweet piece by our Iranian resident Shabahang. "Phormophobia" is about the last moments between a fictional Jihadist and his Metal head wife. Phormophobia is about miss-understanding and rage. It talks about how people in the west react to the Arabic script and vice versa, how people in the middle-east react to metalheads and gothic logos. Phormophobia is a comic-terror.

This Town needs Posters

Explore the finishing work of “This Town Needs Posters” (Sven Sorić & Hrvoje Spudić) at the Openhaus..

: An open archive of ZK/U life
: A self-publishing workstation
: A series of documentation
: A screening of a sleeping concert

The focus of this duo’s work is on designing a method of documenting and archiving the work process of current and future ZK/U fellows. Sven & Hrvoje base their research on other fellow’s works on creating a self-curated publication which would be used as an internal newsletter and creative exchange.
Furthermore, there will be a screening of a sleeping concert the duo hosted on our ZK/U terrace – lie down & enjoy the recordings!

The residency of “this town needs posters” is supported by MagiCCarpets project and is co-financed by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.

#ZKU @MagicCarpetsCreativeEuropePlatform #MagicCarpetswww.facebook.com/MagicCarpetsCreativeEuropePlatform/

Hong Kiwon

Inspired by Beethoven’s work, "Appassionata" reflects on personal events and intimacy.
Only for strong nerves: the film combines operation images as well as an interview with former female jockey Claudine Cazalis who left horse racing after losing her close friend Jose in a horse racing accident..

Cha JiRyang

“K-Refugees” Series is a project that began in 2014 from imagining the collapse of the Republic of Korea in the future. Audiences immersed themselves as ‘refugees’ in the future to share their current social issues that will potentially become the future risks. “Stoppable Illusion of Future” is the last episode of the project, where the incumbent politician and virtual refugees from the future negotiated the current social issues. This project was an experiment on how art can intervene in the current system.

*The 50 min long video will be screened every full hour in the main hall