Das Festival für selbstgebaute Musik

(c) Kollegen 2,3

Simple instrument kits and complicated sound boxes - at concerts, performances and workshops, musicians and artists present the diversity that music can adopt with home-made instruments and unusual performance concepts. Included are F.S. Blumm, Hans Unstern, Mothers of God, Atonor, Vazul and Ebla, Kasia Justka, Einstürzende Neubauten (part of the exhibition) etc.


Friday, 14.9.2018

3 - 6 pm experiment day

Gymnastics ball organ, giant instrument and experiment stations with home-made instruments.

Everyone is invited to experiment with old and new instruments. Help us to equip the giant instrument, rage on the Ausprobierwänden and get a little taste of the big party on Sunday.

Saturday, 15.9.2018

2 pm Workshop 2D Comic Cardboard
3 pm Workshop "Dingliebe"

Registration at info(at)selbstgebautemusik.de

Frank Rother // Strangers words and thoughts - 2D Comic Cardboard

You also want to contribute something to the festival for home-made music, but rather design rather than music? Then come to the workshop, create your own speech and thought bubbles and share with them your ideas for home-made music. Then the festival area will be equipped and designed, giving it its very own home-made character.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/desmond.garcia.music

Love of things // Karl Heinz Jeron

Karl Heinz Jeron teaches in this workshop the basic principle of a synthesizer. It will be soldered simple electronic circuits with which you can bring almost any object to sound. It is not just about upcycling, but also about a creative and playful approach to electronics and DIY.

Link: http://jeron.org/

Sunday, 16.09.2018

Concerts, installations, exhibitions, workshops
1.00 pm Start with the Bauhaus Orchestra Orchestra
1.00 pm to 6 pm Workshop stands for young and old
2.30 pm Gymnastics Ball Organ, played by pupils of the Robert Blum Gymnasium
3.30 pm Rhizomatique on a giant instrument
4.00 pm Vazul and Ebla
4.30 pm Gymnastics Ball Checker for All
5.00 pm Rhizomatique on a giant instrument
5.30 pm Artist talk with Ragnhild May
5.30 pm Concert with Blac Blob Orkestar
6.00 pm Concert Bauhaus Orchestra Chapel
6:15 pm F.S. Blumm with rhythm box, spiral box and effects units
7.00 pm Atonor
7.45 pm Mothers of God (M.O.G.)

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