citizenship - the last assembly

(c)KUNSTrePUBLIK, 2022

at Hiroshima Ufer in Kassel

24.09.2022 17:00 - 21:00

44 days the citizenship has been on the water from Berlin in the direction of Kassel to the documenta fifteen, the citizenship has covered more than 400 kilometers with the float converted from the roof to the ship and stopped at more than 30 stations. On July 4, the citizenship entered the Weser in Minden. The Weser presented some challenges for our ship, which is equipped with only very limited energy resources: the strong counter-current and the shallows slowed down the journey of the citizenship over ground to a few kilometers per day. In addition, the extreme drought caused the water level of the Weser to drop drastically, which led to an official prohibition of further navigation of the citizenship until the draft of the citizenship can be reduced and another drive allows navigation against the current. 

The journey of the citizenship fatefully shows the current climate situation: first too much water in the buoyancy bodies, then no more water to move forward on it.

Parallel to the events on the water, documenta fifteen in Kassel is drawing to a close after 100 days in September. For the last few months, visitors to the Hiroshima-Ufer in Kassel were able to follow what was happening on the ship in a live image on one of the roof girders and thus participate in the interactions. Now, the crew would like to work together collectively with all those involved in the project to send images to citizenship from Kassel's shore. All actors along the route, all crew members and all those interested in the project are invited to revisit the encounters together, to remember, to exchange and to think collectively about the future of citizenship.



Many of the artists and musicians involved in citizenship will contribute an extension of their artistic contribution on the Hiroshima shore. Likewise, the organizers of ZK/U and those involved in the production will share their experiences at a joint dinner.  


5 p.m. 

The History of Citizenship // Welcome & Introduction // ZK/U Berlin (Matthias Einhoff, Philip Horst, Harry Sachs & Kristina Miller)

From roof to boat // Talk with boat builder Jonas Hohmann & team

Sea Yarn I // Female captains tell stories // Julia Blawert 

Ship horn track // learning from nautical communication // self-made music (Hajo Toppius & Sascha Schneider)

Floating furniture reinterpreted // Floating furniture as a companion to citizenship // IAK Braunschweig (directed by Folke Köbberling) & students


6 p.m.

L (• – • •) // Presentation of the sound performance at the Hohenwarthe lock // Arved Schultze, Schneider TM, Tomoko Nakasato, Zappi W. Diermaier

Sea yarn II // female captains tell stories // Karin Demuth

Costumes // Installation // Lea Søvsø

Notions of collectivity // Stories from the travel diary // Co-RE (Viviane Tabach & Pablo Santacana Lopez)

Pennants in the wind of the future // Future thoughts of school children along the route // Gesamtschule Vinnhorst (with Kurt-Uwe Witt)

Magnetic Waves // Lost and Found Again - Sculptural Works Created on the Weser River// Making Waves (Daniel Seiple)

Sea yarn III // Epic moments of failure and learning // Matthias Einhoff, Philip Horst & Harry Sachs

Seamen's Songs // Stories from the Bad Karlshafen Station // Dorothe Römer


from 7 p.m. 

Kombüse & Rum // Dinner cooked by a lumbung collective 

Logbook // Video diary of citizenship // (ZK/U, Barbara Kiolbassa, Kristina Miller, Christoph Peters)

Sound of citizenship // radio show // PicnicFM (Andrea Goetzke & Josephinex Hansis)


The design of our reference venue for the final weekend is created in cooperation with Alexander Römer (ConstructLab).