16:00 // Art outside/inside occupation: "Checkpoint" phenomenon

Presentation of artworks & talk 

The majority of artists were forced to leave Kherson - the occupied city in the South of Ukraine - mostly on their own risk, without any “green corridors”. Today they are refugees in different countries but try to preserve as a community with those who stay in the occupied city - always hoping to return.

Kherson Inside/Outside shows the creative dialogue between artists-refugees and evacuated artists from Kherson. 

Speaker: Natalia Bimbirayte, Leader of NGO Culture centre Ukraine-Litahuania (Ukraine)


17:00 // Blind spot of Europeans

Discussion & Talk

Does the world see the true scale and nature of Russia's war against Ukraine? How did the Soviet totalitarian past end up in the blind spot of Europeans? Is Russia’s current war against Ukraine just Soviet totalitarianism trying to take revenge? What should we do with the totalitarian past so that it cannot destroy us? What should we do with it now? We propose to discuss these questions at the "Blind spot of Europeans" discussion

moderator Larysa Venediktova (Choreographer, researcher, curator)

Speakers: Lia Dostlieva (Artist, cultural anthropologist) , Kate Tarabukina


19:00 // Kharkiv: Garage 127

Exhibition opening + presentation

Pop-up exhibition of the 127 garage community, and a presentation of a space that no longer works. 127 garage is a self-organized space in Kharkiv, opened in 2019 in a garage. 

After February 24, due to the invasion of Russia, all people from the community were forced to flee. This pop-up exhibition shows and tells what they are doing now, how they work and how they try to live despite the war going on in the country.

Speakers: Anton Tkachenko (artist), Nastya Khlestova (curator) - founders of Garage 127


following: Opening words by ZK/U and the whole team, drinks and gathering