Noa Heyne


Noa Heyne is a multidisciplinary artist working in sculpture, performance and animation.

She creates large interactive installations that instill playfulness and fantasy into immobile

structures. These installations emphasize physical involvement of the viewers and raise

questions of responsibility and control of individuals over their environment.

Heyne was born in Ramat Gan, Israel. She studied painting in the Jerusalem Studio School

(2005-2007) in the master class of Israel Hershberg and sculpture in the Art Students League

and the New York Studio School (2007-2008) in New York, and has received her MFA from

the Rinehart School of Sculpture, MICA in 2017. Her work was exhibited in solo and group

shows in Israel and the U.S, but also in private collections in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, New York

and London. Heyne is the recipient of several awards, among them the LCU Foundation

award, the Rinehart Fellowship award, the Amalie Rothschild '34 Award and the MICA LAB


In 2018 Heyne was a finalist for the Baltimore Baker Artists Award.