Kaori Yamashita


Kaori Yamashita is an artist based in Tokyo. Her installation work consists of various elements which is like three-dimensional drawings small sculptures, drawings on paper, petty photos, and the conditions of the places. These work possess non-indicative, neutral images, images that are too incomplete to indicate anything, and images that stand half-destroyed. The uncertain elements contained in images are to be found in any physical sensation, including in one’s own memories.

Her’s  work has been exhibited in several museums and galleries, such as  "a pulse to remain, the next lunar eclipse" solo show, Gallery FEMTE, Tokyo (2012, 2009), "Tokorozawa Biennial / Siding Railroad" Saitama, Japan (2011, 2009, 2008), "a bone streaming down skin, empty scene" solo show, Shionoe Museum of Art, Japan (2010), "Another Carnival” Takamatsu city Museum of Art, Japan (2010) " and more.