Huda Zikry


Huda Zikry is an Egyptian visual artist, and researcher currently living and working in Cairo. After graduating with a bachelor's degree in painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University in 2016, she started pursuing a masters’ degree in Art History, as well as training in curatorial practices and studies, translation, and translation studies. Since 2015, she has been steadily working on co-conceiving and hosting a yearly educational art program with the artist group "StudioKhana for Contemporary Art", contributing  in bringing together group exhibitions mostly for young artists, as well as translating art and art history related material. She has been part of five editions of the yearly “Students’ Council Program” with four resulting exhibitions, as an artist, researcher, facilitator, and co-curator. In 2021, she co-founded the artist collective and online platform "Commune" which will launch in 2022 with an aim to respond to research and theoretical needs and to create an Arabic speaking channel for research-based artworks and exhibitions.