Project at ZK/U - Yujin Jung

Yujin Jung ( South Korea )

My new work in ZK/U will be an expansion of my last installation. In the architectural live installation Fifteen minutes deformation (2013), I explored in between my physical self and existence of others, and this particular relationship is extended and duplicated.
While I stay at ZK/U, I would like to make a new body of work with experimental practice on question of ‘self’ in technology age that besides these interrogatory;
- How people and thing are connected each other in the network/ new technology system?
- The information and sensorial extension that we get through internet, virtual world, and digital (haptic) culture are informed in our sense/perception?
- In that information and network, our ‘being’ existed as organic notion, rather than physicality. Then, am I re-defined by as a range of its occupation in the network?
- In the strict sense, how can ‘I’ and my physical being be weight? Am I such a imponderable?
- Could we finally say that the ‘I’ signifies myself as the areas that my connection or my consciousness reach?