Objects, mythologies and portraits of social power: Postcolonial Intepretations from the collection - Laura Arena

(c) Tbilisi Triennial, 2018

Laura Arena ( United States )

Mapping out the Energy Centers of Berlin" is a multi-disciplinary approach on how to experience a city, that is a combination of Laura Arena's art and healing practice. 

Laura will map out locations representing the seven energy centers (chakras) in Berlin, making correlations between the principles through observation, channeling, and research, using various methods including design, writing, video, sound recordings, and photography. 

She will design public interventions in each of the chakra locations and link all the projects together (chakras) through documentation and other formats yet to be decided. 

Arena will invite the public to the “Balance Arts Center / Berlin” to share her findings in these designated chakra points and offer energetic healing, as a way for people to embody these concepts, introduce the methods of her work and create content for the project.

The first rendition of this project was in Tbilisi, Georgia in 2018.

(c) Laura Arena
(c) Laura Arena
(c) Laura Arena