Laura Arena

(United States)

Laura Arena is a multi-disciplined artist working with words, sounds, visuals, installation, and engagement with a focus on storytelling, human rights causes, and social engagement projects. A member of the Lumbee tribe of North Carolina in the United States and lives and works in New York city and most recently in Berlin.

In her latest works, Arena focuses on connecting her energetic healing practice, indigenous perspectives, and multi-disciplined art practices to explore new methods of engagement with people, the land, the ancestors, and the natural world. To see the whole person (physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual) as one with the land and in relationship with others (such as the family, communities, and nations). These methods can include channeling through dreamwork, meditation, working with the elementals (otherworldly beings), and active listening.

Arena has exhibited in galleries and festivals worldwide and has participated in events, residencies, and exhibited work in North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Arena is the founder and the director of studio DE-CONSTRUKT, an artist residency, event, design studio, and photography darkroom that is based in Brooklyn.