Displayed Goods - Tzu Ting Wang

A Passage Inwards ©Tzu Ting Wang

Tzu Ting Wang ( Taiwan )

Having observed numerous store windows in Berlin, she sensed a certain aesthetic being circulated. In addition to the purpose of presenting merchandise, it also visualized the structure of life in certain areas in the city. Similar to the display cases in a museum, the window display of shops also participates in the narration of history in organic and evolving nature, and it has flattened the hierarchy on this account.

During the residency, she plans to build installations that take on the reference of display cabinets in museums, which will be displayed withdrawing and ready-made objects. Objects selected are regarded as a necessity in everyday life and they will be transformed into “survival tools”. This project aims to review the historical narrative that has been gradually shaped and distorted under the influence of capitalism, by visualizing a perspective from the revalued and repurposed objects.


Capturing act ©Tzu Ting Wang
The history of shaping ©Tzu Ting Wang
Sharpened Mercy ©Tzu Ting Wang
Baptism for Nonbeliever ©Tzu Ting Wang