Tzu Ting Wang


Tzu Ting Wang (b. 1987 Taiwan) works mostly with pencil drawing on cotton fabric, together with objects and installations in the space. These drawings are displayed with an indicated sequence and narrative as if they were different chapters extracted from a book. 

Her works take on metaphors from objects and landscapes to elaborate on subjects such as intimacy, insecurity, and living state. She is interested in the interweaving of fiction and non-fiction and plays around the elusiveness of narrative derived from fragments of images. Objects depicted are seen as different characters portrayed under circumstances that reveal their vulnerability, and carried her intention of drawing motion and feeling out of stillness. 

She received a BA from Taipei National University of the Arts and a MA from Chelsea College of Arts, London. Recent exhibitions include solo shows at Taipei Artist Village in Taiwan, CFCCA in Manchester, and Project fulfill art space in Taiwan.