Sensible Encounters - Marcos Vidal Font

Marcos Vidal Font

The project seeks to create a personal anarchive to investigate and share speculative fictions in the Moabit neighborhood. Overcoming the geographical, political and historical discourses related to the area.

All start from the walk. My plan is to do three times a week two hours walk in the neighborhood, starting from different spots, from north to south, and from west to east during two months. Collect some objects and textures and fix them in a map.

The handmade prints and the ceramic casted forms of the objects will act as translators of the information. They will transfer its memory.

Based on artistic re-appropriation one can propose new interpretations about the area.  My local partner, the curator Maria Morata based in Berlin long time ago, will collaborate to create different interpretations of the anarchive and to elaborate the documentation.