Sensible Encounters - Marcos Vidal Font

Marcos Vidal Font

Marcos Vidal has created a personal anarchive, based on speculative fictions in the Moabit neighborhood. It all started with walking. A dérive practice performed everyday. He got sometimes lost in his wandering while finding bricks, plants, abandoned goods, domestic objects, Restmüll made in china, industrial memories...  looking for the Genius Loci of an unknown area. The handmade prints and the ceramic molds made of the found and collected objects act as translators of information. They will transfer its collective and personal memory in a new format and language. A further mapping process has documented the walkings paths and the finding spots where the sensible encounters took place. Vidal's artistic gestures make visible the traces we can’t see and frees the hidden images contained in those objects. 

Overcoming the geographical, political, and historical discourses related to the area, Sensible Encounters explore the synchrony points between the public space and the artist's personal expectations. Who are the producers of truth about a neighborhood? Who are the true actors of this knowledge? Is there a visual versus disciplinary knowledge, that is, in struggle with the geographical, cultural and historical knowledge, or the municipality institution? Let’s break the administrative boundaries. 
A project in dialogue with the curator María Morata. 

The residency is supported by the Institut d'Estudis Balearics.