Traveling Architecture Studio

Storytelling is often used as a tool by architects and designers in the design process to validate their spatial hypothesis prior to their implementation in the physical space. Imagination transforms objective spaces centered on an architectural object into subjective ones composed of unknown and dynamic factors: considering the right hypothesis from the beginning becomes one of the many challenges every designer faces.

On the other hand, emergent practices in architectural and urban research engage themselves to study the reality of spaces by inventing new ways to collect true stories and build a better understanding of the complexities of the inhabited spaces. These scientific approaches contribute to ground possible architectures on spatial needs and to bound local communities with their built environment in a long term development strategy.

Between projective tales and true stories, how does applied experimental research contributes shaping spaces? What are the tools and strategies used to seize and to communicate territorial realities? How can these emergent practices transform architectural education and profession?

On the 28th of May, ZK/U hosts Karsten Michael Drohsel and Sebastian Strombach, Sebastian B├╝hrig, Valeria Schwarz and the Traveling Architecture Studio in dialogue with architect and curator Joanne Pouzenc.