Speisekino Moabit 2017 #9 - Food & Footage

∆ Film: ‘Paths Through Utopias’ by Isabelle Fremeaux, John Jordan & Kypros Kyprianou (English with German Subtitles)

∆ Menu: Nettle Soup & Urban Wild Herb Tapas

1. Horta with potato mash 
This is a traditional Greek dish popular with old people in the mountains, it can be made from any combination of wild herbs boiled and served with olive oil and lemon. Delicious.
2. Crispy Polenta with Plantain (Wegerich) and Wild Rucola Pesto.
3. Seed Bomb Pastries (a dystopian speciality) 
4. Linde Salad!

For food, please register via mail: speisekino(at)zku-berlin.org

∆ Curator: Virág Major
...in collaboration with artist and foraging cook Andrew Rewald

Paths Through Utopias blurs boundaries between present and future, documentary and fiction. It is an utopian road movie exploring a post-capitalist Europe. Shot in 2008 visiting ten utopian experiments, from direct-action Climate Camp besides Heathrow airport to occupied self-managed Serbian factories this magicorealist travelogue transports us to a parallel universe where money is worthless and private property has been abolished. 

...in combination with a bookstand of the books 'Path Through Utopias' as well as 'REAP & SOW Lumen Station Issue #3' edited by Virág Major >> more information here: https://issuu.com/katarina_sevic/docs/reap_sow_web

Beautifully designed by SKART (who represented Serbia at the 2010 Venice Architecture Bienniale) Paths Through Utopias is a unique publication whose words and images blur the boundaries between the present and future, the imagined and the realized. It makes us crave another way of living, and challenges us to start now. 
...hand in hand with the art festival Kunstfestival Ortstermin 17: Protest.

Every Friday
Doors open at 19:00
Free entrance!
Food served at approx. 19:30
7,50€ per Menu
Film by dusk on the ZK/U terrace!

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PHOTO: Alex Bertha

'Food and Footage' is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union and the Senate Department for Culture and Europe and is part of the project Shared Cities: Creative Momentum (SCCM).