Speisekino Moabit 2016 #17

As the traffic likes it

Why do so many roundabouts in France have artwork placed at their centres? Is the use of street furniture exhausted by the apparent functionality of a major West German city? How is it possible to get 600 pedestrians to hold a monologue about modern work and our consumerist society ? In three unconventional and humorous films, by three Hamburg-based filmmakers from the last three decades of the last century, "Wie es dem Verkehrsfluss gefällt" ("As the Traffic likes it") pursue the absurdity that arises from our trusted and yet absurd daily life.

Doors open at 7pm
Free entrance
Menü: 7,50€
Contribution for film: 1€ on the first drink
Food served at approx. 7.30pm (until there is no food left)
Film at dusk (approx. 20.30)
On the ZK/U Terrace