Speisekino Moabit 2016 #14

They shoot horses, don't they?

PICTURE BERLIN will be hijacking the weekly Speisekino event to combine it with their 5th annual Curatorial Marathon. Ten curators from various exhibition spaces, ranging from project spaces to institutionally supported exhibition spaces across Berlin, will speak in a Pecha-Kucha style event about their work.

Following the Marathon and dinner, a series of short films will be shown, chosen by the curators, made by artists they have worked with. The curators include; Kate Brehme, Michael Dooney, Hannah Goldstein & Katja Haustein, Jesi Khadivi, Pauline Doutrelinguine, Tina Sauerländer, Stéphane Bauer, An Paenhuysen, Adrienne Goehler and Sara Barnes. 

5pm doors open
5:30pm first round of the marathon
6:30pm Break 
6.45pm: second round of the marathon 
7:45: Food
ca. 9.30pm: films

Free entrance
Menü: 7,50€
Contribution for film: 1€ on the first drink
Food served at approx. 7.45pm (until there is no food left)
Film at dusk (approx. 9.30pm)
On the ZK/U Terrace

The following films will be presented by the curators:
Sara Barnes will present:
Ilana Halperin, Physical Geology (new landmass/fast time) and Physical Geology (geothermal), Diptych, Silent, 3:48 min
Ilana Halperin, The Library, English, 8 min

Kate Brehme will present:
Anthony Schrag, Art Cannot Help You. [English], 2:29 min

Michael Dooney will present:
Clare Rae, Good Girl and the Other, (2011), 2:10 min
David Charles Collins, Jett Rink, (2016), Silent, 10 min
Will & Garret Huxley, Dark Side of the Rainbow, (2015),12:14 min

Adrrienne Goehler will present:
Nele Azevedo, Minimum Monument, [German/English], 11:59

Hannah Goldstein and Katja Haustein will present:
Henrik Malmström, Life's Work, [No language], 4:56 min

Jesi Khadivi will present:
Marwa Arsanios, I’ve Heard 3 Stories, 12:33 min

An Paenhuysen will present:
Valeska Gert, except from Tagebuch einer Verforenen (Pabst), [No language],1:01 min
Valeska Gert, Baby, [No language], 2.39 min

Tina Sauerlânder will present:
The Europe Premieres of the Video Documentations of the Hello Selfie Performances by Kate Durbin
Hello Selfie Miami, (2016), 5 min
Hello Selfie Men, (2016), 5 min
Hello Selfie NYC, (2015), 2:15 min

Picture © Kate Durbin, Hello Selfie, Performance, Miami, 2015, photo by Rollin Leonard