Speisekino Moabit 2016 #02

Vom Niedriglohnsektor zur Zwangsräumung

Author Peter Nowak will report on up-to-date worker’s struggle in the low-wage sector of the economy. He recently published a book on the issue: ‘Ein Streik entsteht, wenn Mensch ihn selber macht’. Filmmaker Matthias Coers will give insight into the current situation of the Berlin housing sector, including selected challenges faced by renters in real situations and local context. He will show some selected short screenings covering 2013-2016. 

Peter Nowak: peter-nowak-journalist.de
Matthias Coers: zweischritte.berlin and mietrebellen.de

Doors open at 7 pm
Free entrance
Menu: 7,50€
Contribution for Film: 1€ on the first drink
Food served at approx. 7.30 pm (until there is no food left)
Film by dusk (approx. 9.00 pm)
Language: German
On the ZK/U Terrace