Speisekino Moabit #11

Klipzona – Urban Explorations in Central and Eastern Europe with Music Video

Doors open at 7 pm
Free entrance
Menu: 7€ 
Food served at approx. 7.30 pm (until there is no food left)
Film by dusk (approx. 9.55 pm)

On the ZK/U Terrace

Mass medial (cinema, television, video travelogues etc.) and non-professional audiovisual artifacts act as extensions of our nervous systems (viz Marshall McLuhan, “Understanding Media“) and as surrogate witnesses and explorers. The depiction of the city in narrative films, documentaries and TV series has been the object of considerable academic investigation and knowledge production. The music clip, by contrast, is an ubiquitous and influential audiovisual art form in which urban settings often appear, yet how urbanity is represented in music clips has yet to be fully explored.
One reason for the prominent role city settings play in music clips is a pragmatic one. Musicians and the music industry, as commissioners of music clips, are concentrated in urban centers. It is cheaper to find interesting backdrops on the city streets, right at one's doorstep, than to create them in a studio. Another reason for selecting city exteriors is many music genres' strong association with urbanity, most notably hiphop.

Music videos from Central and Eastern Europe are underrepresented on international music TV and in festivals, although much relevant work is being produced in the region, also building upon a long tradition of innovation in avantgarde cinema, animation and audiovisual presentation of music.

The program Klipzona – Urban Explorations in Central and Eastern Europe with Music Video presents music clips from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Hungary and other Central and Eastern European countries that use a variety of visual strategies - from vérité-style reportage to animation – to document and comment on the specific urban developments under socialism and the post-socialist transformation. Featuring videos by Borghesia (SI), Ecstasy of St. Theresa (CZ), Octex (SI), Batcha da Mental (SK), Berlin Block Tetris (DE), Animal Cannibals (HU) and others.

Curated by Archive of Music Clips and Audiovisual Music from Central and Eastern Europe. https://www.facebook.com/groups/klipzona/