Mobile Exhibition

On the holiday transit to Turkey and the Tales of the Highway

Autoput, death road, home way (sila yolu) - the former "Gastarbeiterroute" (guest workers' route) between Berlin, Munich and Istanbul has many names. This route is still heavily frequented today, especially by Turkey travellers. At the same time, the return journey has become the so called "Western Balkans route", which over the last years has been chosen by many refugees, in order to escape to Western and Northern Europe.

The intercultural performance venue bi´bak, set in Berlin Wedding, is presenting with its project SILA YOLU  an audiovisual installation dealing with the transit route and the stories, hopes and fears connected with it. This mobile exhibition, constructed inside an old Ford Transit, will stop at various places over Berlin, including the ZK/U.

In parallel to the exhibition an accompanying program will take place, where films and panel discussions with contemporary witnesses and experts from the German-Turkish community will give further insights on the topic. More dates and places can be found here: http://silayolu.bi-bak.de

September, 22nd, 6-11pm : Preview in the frame of OPENHAUS
October, 2nd, 11am-7pm : Mobile exhibition on Gütermarkt Day

In collaboration with DOMiD - Documentation Center and Museum on Migration in Germany - and Depo Istanbul, supported by Fonds Soziokultur