Privatoper #3

"Die Verschworenen" (The Conspirators) by Franz Schubert

Thursday, September 15, 8pm
Sunday, September 18, 8pm
Monday, September 19, 8pm

Admission: 10€

Ticket reservations: karten(at)privatoper.de

Franz Schubert’s one-act opera „Die Verschworenen“ (The Conspirators) and its libretto by Ignaz Franz Castelli were written in 1823 and are based on the ancient Greek comedy „Lysistrata“ by Aristophanes.

Originally set in medieval times, the ladies are tired of their husband’ constant battles and crusades. They hatch a plot to deny the men their affection upon the warrior’s return. The men, however, learn about the plot and decide to retaliate by showing no desire towards their wives.

The production of Privatoper Berlin transforms the operatic setting into a screwball comedy, which tells a short history of Europe, ranging from Zeus’ rape of Europa all the way to a fictitious post-Brexit future.

Privatoper Berlin was conceived by a group of enthusiasts striving to create intimate music theater productions. Since 2014, Privatoper Berlin stages one rarely performed opera in a place, in which operas are rarely performed.