Night of Documentary: „Diversity in Ukraine"

Event is held in cooperation with Ukrainian Filmclub in Berlin and PRAVO. Berlin Group for Human Rights in Ukraine.

Language: movies will be presented in original languages with English subtitles.

A very long and a very special documentary evening about different layers of diversity in contemporary Ukrainian society.

•      “The Dream” (20’, 2012) by Dariya Driuchenko (director) and Pavlo Tymoshenko (camera). In the presence of director and cameraman and with an after talk with them. The film tells a strong story of the female director of a school for deaf kids who is dreaming to find a house.

•      “March of dialogue” (28', 2016) by Oksana Piddubna (director). In the presence of director and with an after talk with them. In 2016 Kyiv hosted its first "Pride Parade" - Oksana accompanied some of its participants with the camera.

•      “Sister ZO” (60', 2014) by Alisa Kovalenko. Documentary about the life of an ex football player who used to be a part of one of the first female team “Luganochka”. How does she find herself in the new life after football?

•      “Roma Dream” (22', 2012) by Roman Bodnarchuk (director). Four diverse stories from the roma camps in Transcarpathia with existing human portraits - from radio moderator to a lawyer.

Entrance is free. Pre-registration is not required.​