Lost In Wedding - 16 August 2016

Vegan Edition

Classic-Vegan-Menu: 8,00 € / Giant-Vegan-Menu: 12,00 € / Super Giant 15,00 €

It's so easy to fall in love! This Tuesday Sam Bucca and Pie Crust Smuggler Klaus (Who is the dessert? Grease that ...?) are behind the pots where they create a refined vegan three course meal. There are seasonal and international ingredients, lots of love and no Riesenperlhühner on the plate.


#First Course: Horseradish Parfait , Spicy Blueberry Jam, Seasoned Crispy Rice, Micro - Blood Dock

#Main Course: Lukewarm Carrot Muffin , Potato Kalamansi Puree, Peppers, Peas Raqout, Coriander, Chili

#Dessert: Art Espresso Flan, Wild Cherries with Vanilla , Orange Gel, Amarettini Crumble

Please RSVP : [email protected]

(Please note the start time, the number of guests and the kind of menu)

facbook: https://www.facebook.com/events/2068200880070848/