Kitakyushu Biennial in Berlin

Exhibition:  28 September - 14 October Open only Fridays to Sundays 3 pm - 9 pm at ZK/U Berlin Opening: 28 September 2012, : 7 pm

ZK/U Berlin presents
Kitakyushu Biennial in Berlin
北九州国際ビエンナーレ in 伯林
*Candy Factory Projects
A New history of contemporary art

The exhibition will comprise of multi screen installations made of re-mixes of earlier projects directed by Takuji Kogo in collaboration with Federico Baronello, Mike Bode, Young Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Charles Lim, John Miller, Keiichi Miyagawa and Hisao Sotoda ( Second Planet ) and Sean Snyder. ###

The exhibition presents the landscapes of a fabricated idea of the nation state where cultural identities have become defunct or conflictual, landscapes located on the back waters of the global economy covering such subjects as tourism on the Korean North-South divide, large scale Sicilian cherry tomato production maintained by Romanian and Tunisian migrant workers, a shopping mall in Singapore filled with foreign maids agencies or the public housing estates built around Toyota city which are today the home of many Japanese descendants from south America.



*CANDY FACTORY PROJECTS is a Japanese based platform for international collaborative art projects.

The Kitakyushu Biennial has been curated by *CANDY FACTORY PROJECTS organized by the Art Institute Kitakyushu since 2007.

The 1st Kitakyushu Biennial "CUTE or CREEPY?", 
the second entitled "IMIN : Migrants, Immigrants, Emigrants, Refugees, Exiles, Expatriates and Others" October 2009.
The 3rd Kitakyushu Biennial / a sequel with the same title "IMIN" in October 2011. 

For 2012-13 *CANDY FACTORY PROJECTS is taking its collaborative projects from the Kitakyushu Biennial on a World tour. 
KITAKYUSHU BIENNIAL in SINGAPORE opened in April 2012 at The Private Museum Singapore.

The Kitakyushu Biennial will open at the newly established ZK/U in Berlin on the 28th of September 2012 entitled "*Candy Factory Projects A New history of contemporary art / Chapter 1 "The nation state as a work of art".

*CANDY FACTORY PROJECTS also transforms fragments of information and media into original musical projects, text messages sung by synthetic voices taken from scam messages and junk mails or personal ads from online dating sites, propaganda posters, or the transactions for land purchase for the American military bases on Okinawa and re-advertising them as promotional video clips online. *CANDY FACTORY PROJECTS was originally set up as an exhibition space housed in a former candy factory in Yokohama, Japan in 1998.
It moved to the Yokohama Triennale in 2001, the Akiyoshidai International Art Village in 2002. BOOGIE WOOGIE WONDERLAND in Yamaguchi Japan 2003, SCREAM Färgfabriken Stockholm 2004 Sweden, Art Metropole in Toronto, Canada 2004, "JAPAN" at the Rooseum Centre for Contemporary Art in Malmö, Sweden 2005, "Hyperlinks for dead links" at the Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art in Japan in 2006.

*CANDY FACTORY PROJECTS have also been presented at Media Scope-MoMA/The Museum of Modern Art New York, Seoul Museum of Art, Singapore Art museum, MAAP Multimedia Art Asian Pacific in Beijing, the Centre For Contemporary Photography in Melbourne, Walker Art Centre Minneapolis, Nam June Paik Art Centre Seoul, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. Web projects on the C-Theory, New Museum NY, New media Scotland, the Korean Web Art Festival and others.