If under attack - how to react? // UA#03 #2


Our cultural production is threatened. At every corner of the city, collectives and initiatives are negotiating for their freedom and spaces, are fighting with investors and are mobilising against masterplans that are not made by the people. The effects of past urban development policies are clear: instead of alternative clubs we get entertainment halls. Instead of schools and youth centres we get new office buildings and instead of rehearsal rooms and studios for art we get new shopping malls.There is a big lack of spaces where people can meet and can exchange.Public space is build on and sealed off by private hands.

Only at the last minute do we manage to mobilize and protest. Mostly too late. So what could strategies of solidarity be to fight against this threat? How can we all pull together, exchange knowledge and in addition to emergency plans, forge visionary plans for the future in order to show an alternative way of acting?

Because of these questions the Fact Finding Committee #03 „Solidarity³: Between Art, (Club-)Culture and Resistive Structures“, that is led by activists of the Reclaim Club Culture Network, invites to this networking event.

Invited are mostly interested people of already closed, still fighting or saved spaces, to exchange about strategies and a common position.

The event will be a constructive talk on different tables to speak about various questions, finding answers and strategies and make the first steps for a common activism.

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About the Fact Finding Committee #03

"If under attack - how to react?"
This question constitutes the frame for the investigation of the third edition of the ZKU/ Fact Finding Committee.

The UA#03 will dedicate three events to the topics “Shift to the right” (20.03.2019) (https://www.facebook.com/events/346757176049229/), “Spaces” (26.03.2019) and “Precarization/ Self-exploitation” (16.04.2019) and explore in these practices of solidarity in the areas of arts, (club)culture and activism. And produce a Zine magazine.

The aim is to inspire, motivate and to critically examine practical examples of different actors and initiatives throughout Berlin and beyond, as well as to create space for exchange to support existing our support newly created resistance structures. Towards a sustainable and self-organized society defending itself against fascism, gentrification and capitalism.

More information about the project can be found here:
- The project is funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.-

Illustration: Jule Roschlau