Gütermarkt #11

The Gütermarkt is a market in which crafts, DIY and the usual flea market merge together in a hybrid market.

This Sunday, you can get your hair cut by Marlene, the hairdresser, play boules with André, get your broken electronic items fixed with Die Wille Repair café. Lukas Akintaya and his band will take care of a nice music and great food is guaranteed, as always...!   


What you can do:

• Rent a flea market booth and sell your personal favorite junk! (Registration at www.zku-berlin.org/satellite/guetermarkt-2015/)

• artisans offer their professional skills to repair things or ennoble cloths, jewellery, oder electronic devices

• Hello Kids! Bring a blanket and exchang or sell your Pokemon cards and LiIlifee Horses!

• ideas welcome! You want to offer a workshop, you want to present your skills ... Register now!

• Learn the secret skills of local professionals and become a Gütermarkt-Boule  champion at the bowling pitch!

• As a live band you can perform at the G-Stage and make mood in the Gütermarkt.