FOOD AND FOOTAGE // Built to last Relics of Communist-era Architecture & Beijing built to last 

Copyright ZK/U Berlin, 2019

Built to last – Relics of Communist-era Architecture (2017, 58 min)
Beijing built to last  (2019, 10 min)

Director: Haruna Honcoop

Menu: Old recipes transformed in experimental ways

A series of ten short experimental films, Built To Last presents an audio-visual mosaic of relics of communist-era architecture in the former Soviet Union and its satellite countries. It features examples of early socialist realist architecture, panel housing constructions from the 1950s, modernism from the Brussels Expo style from the ‘60s, socialist modernism, concrete brutalism of the 1970s, and the high-rises of the 1980s. Even though the architecture styles of the communists and the iconic buildings may be static, this journey through the history of architecture is dynamic and swift.


SPEISEKINO // FOOD AND FOOTAGE is part of Shared Cities: Creative Momentum and co-funded by the European Union's Creative Europe Program and the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.