FOOD AND FOOTAGE // At the end of the milky way

(c) Neue Visionen Film

At the end of the milky way (2013, 93 min)

Director:Leopold Grün and Dirk Uhlig
Language: German with English subtitles

Menu: Meckelenburgish...

A small village in the vast Mecklenburg area. Here lives a community that is imprinted by the political changes of the last decades where evereyone does what every person has to do: they give shape to their environment and live their lives from one day to the next. The 50 soul commune functions according to norms that differ from usual western standards. The people live on the edge of subsistence and depend on nature and mutual support. Their daily life is characterized by work, memories and loss. And yet, the strong farmer Maxe, his girlfriend Cordula, living alongside with him in the countryside in the name of love, the newcomer Harry, who dreams of White Nights at the Northern Cape, the milkman Oli, who will get married soon, and Gabi, mother of five, whose sons have returned home searching for jobs, created a wonderful community. An idyll, but always close to the abyss.


SPEISEKINO // FOOD AND FOOTAGE is part of ‘Shared Cities: Creative Momentum’ and co-funded by the European Union's Creative Europe Programme and the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.