Fell + Cost/Alter

Live music


toktek (Holland) and Simon Berz (Switzerland) battle it out in supercharged music sessions. Playing their self-made electronic instruments/interfaces, they turn pure human emotion and body language into sound that results in a spasmic, sweaty conversation between toktek, Simon and their machines. Special Guest: Klaas Hübner (Berlin) with his one and only tapeguitar.



postgoth drone groove dance hippie music with, of course, experimentellectual approach.
Lars Feistkorn - vocals
Matthias Koch - drums
Størfan Sender - bass
http://soundcloud.com/cost-alter (sorry for the sound quality)

Lars Feistkorn - opera singer, experimental music & performance, songs, poetry & lyrics
Matthias Koch - originally jazz drummer, well versed in many other styles, fusion, experimental etc.
Størfan Sender - underground & soundart sophistication in various contexts, mostly with bass, effects, zither, etc.