CANCELLED - Les aperçus

Dance performance with live music

Unfortunately, the artist had to cancelled both performances. 

CANCELLED - Tuesday, August 23rd - 7.30 pm
CANCELLED - Thursday, August 25th - 7.30 pm - in the frame of OPENHAUS

Since her first pieces Clara Cornil brings into play body awareness and danced movement through different perspectives. Sounds, music, writing or instant composition are part of her research around a body-matter revisited in its porosity between the outside and the inside. Simply "in presence". Clara Cornil works with this ability as if it was just about reviving a feeling, a common knowledge often abandoned, a way to be there, in the listening.

Resonance, echoes, waves that spread into the space establish a relationship of proximity and sensory contact with the world.

Les Aperçus are a series of improvisations between a choreographer, a musician, 3 lights and a singular place. 

Partners for a long time, Pierre Fruchard and Clara Cornil give their space of poetry with all the freedom they allow to each other in Les Aperçus. Pierre Fruchard, composer, opens a musical palette in front of him where concret sounds and sound volumes mix with musical or vibratory materials. Harmony and melody juxtapose with the material.

Clara Cornil makes sensitive and visible her peculiar work on space through the three lights she activates, moves, revealing this way the dramatic aspect of the place in relationship with their presence.

Conception and choreography : Clara Cornil - Music : Pierre Fruchard (electric guitar) Production : Les Décisifs


Duration : 45 minutes