Bee DAO at Zeppelin Museum

(c) Matthias Einhoff, 2023

Cryptomania. Promises of the Blockchain.

December 15 2023 - April 04 2024

The exhibition, "Cryptomania: Promises of the Blockchain," at the Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen, delves into the nuanced discourse surrounding cryptocurrencies. Are they merely speculative ventures or legitimate alternative means of payment? Do they champion radical decentralization or inadvertently foster technological monopolies? Are they potential climate hazards, or do they serve as advocates for transparency, autonomy, and democratization? These questions, especially regarding Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies, elicit a spectrum of diverse opinions.

This exhibition is a convergence of contemporary artworks representing various perspectives, offering a critical examination of the potentials and risks associated with the decentralized internet, digital currencies, and NFTs. "Cryptomania" engages with a range of artistic positions that explore collaborations between human and non-human entities, the evolving landscape of political activism, and the emergence of DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) as novel forms of organization. It aims to dissect the opportunities and risks inherent in these dynamics.

ZK/U’s BeeDAO, a web3 organization pioneering the examination and practice of cross-species democracy and economics, is featured in this exhibition after its first iteration developed in 2019 and its second iteration at documenta 15 last year. BeeDAO's mission revolves around ensuring the well-being of bees in their habitats. Bees can become members by providing vital data (temperature and weight) as proof-of-life and nominating human delegates to represent their interests in a unique parliamentary system. Human participants, in turn, can acquire NFT memberships, granting them voting rights in parliamentary assemblies.

The spatial installation dedicated to BeeDAO comprises six monitors showcasing a selection of beehives integrated into the DAO worldwide. Sensor kits embedded in the hives allow for the continuous assessment of bee well-being. In collaboration with a local beekeeper, a bee colony from Lake Constance is set to join this international digital organization. The inaugural BeeDAO assembly in Friedrichshafen on February 11, 2024, invites visitors to actively contribute suggestions, make decisions, and advocate for bees as virtual parliamentarians. This interactive and innovative approach aims to illuminate the intricate interplay between technology, ecology, and societal engagement.

“BeeDAO” is a project of ZK/U and the artist collective KUNSTrePUBLIK (Matthias Einhoff, Philip Horst, Harry Sachs).

Artists: Nick Aldridge, BeeDAO, Sarah Friend, Géraldine Honauer, Egor Kraft, Noëlle Kröger, looty, Florian Meisenberg, Julia Schneider, terra0 und Molly White.

Curator: Ina Neddermeyer (Head of the Art Department)

The exhibtion is funded by the Kulturstiftung des Bundes. Supported by the Commissioner of the Federal Government for Culture and the Media.