Tori Abernathy

(United States)

Tori Abernathy is an anarcha-feminist artist and organizer who doesn’t believe in jobs or careers and is constantly scheming better methods for living in common with others while creating new forms of collective resistance and mutual aid. In her practice, she is interested in the ways that power articulates itself into the infrastructure of cities and the architectures of our daily lives. She has instigated or initiated a number of collective projects such as RECESS, The Walking School, Portland Renters’ Assembly, Portland Tenants United, the Intentional Community in Exile (ICE), Future Working Models, Transition to a Perpetual Parade (TPP) and others. She’s a feisty Libra with a Capricorn rising and a Pisces moon. She believes that everyone can and should have a safe place to lay their head so they can dream big.