Rait Rosin


Rait Rosin (born 1981) is practicing artist and scholar of pragmatist philosophy. His master thesis on pragmatist aesthetics is focused on topic: In which way emotionally enriched expression could be conceptualised as wholesome and on what extent we could account this conception as useful for artist practices. His works are rooted in conceptual art disciplines whereas film, installation, performance, painting and drawing are the basic medias for expression. Paintings are made in expressive way without much conceptualising of the objectives. Emotional patterns as one side of the expression are for creating the main character of painted images. Videos, films and performances have secondary importance in Rait's own valued perspectives. There all out figured situations have more general ground for simply understandable contextual ideas. Rait has both BA (2005) and MA (2007) in Painting speciality from Estonian Academy of Arts and also one MA (2013) in Philosophy from University of Tallinn. During studies and thereafter he has done several solo and group exhibitions and performances mainly in Estonia but also in times of being resident artist in Austria, in Finland, in Latvia and in Lithuania.