Speisekino Moabit 2015

2015 season of Speisekino Moabit - open air cinema at ZK/U.

The Center for Art and Urbanistics (ZK/U) invites you to a new season of Speisekino Moabit - open air cinema.

Every Friday from May until mid September there will be movies with meals and meals with movies.


08/05 -Speisekino#1_ Abbruch Aufbruch, curated by Daniel Kötter

15/05 - Speisekino#2_Thoughts on food, food on thought, curated by Teodora Kotseva

22/05 - Speisekino#3_ Le périple, curated by Wirrad Kado

29/05 - Speisekino#04_Common Spaces in Aman, Casablanca and Berlin, curated by Matthaei & Konsorten

05/06- Speisekino#05_Moabit-Home of rap, curated by Marius Wittmann 

12/06- Speisekino#06_Czech Nebel, curated by Jana Doudova

19/06- Speisekino#07_Spacenight, curated by Turmverein

26/06- Speisekino#08_Soapizfizierung der Fremde

03/07- Speisekino#09_Metrozones Akademie 

10/07- Speisekino#10_ZK/FU, Opening Night

17/07- Speisekino#11_Klipzona- Urban Explorations in Central and Eastern Europe with Music Video

24/07- Speisekino#12_ZK/FU II curated by Madeleine Bernstoff

31/07- Speisekino#13_ La fête infernale à point formidable! curated by Collège du film & Mathieu et Merl 

07/08 - Speisekino#14_ ORIENT HEAT, curated by Franziska Pierwoss & Siska 

14/08 Speisekino #15_Komm nach Deutschland, Pepe, curated by Gustavo Sanroman

21/08 Speisekino #16_Honigkino, curated by Team Moabees

28/08 Speisekino#17_Ich Chef, du Turnschuh

04/09 Speisekino #18_Psychosociotronics

11/09 Speisekino #19_Coast to Coast

18/09 Speisekino#20_Lotville