Turning the popular format of 'public viewing' of sports into an educational and community-building event

paused until 2024


Since the Football World Cup in Brasil in 2014 ZK/U - Center for Art and Urbanistics organizes FUSSBALLABALLA: a non-commercial public viewing format for the neighbourhood, which shows the matches on 4:3 TVs and large screens and accompanies them with a discursive programme before, during and after the match. Apart from the fun of the game, Fußballaballa concerns itself with themes that are of particular significance for the respective host countries - urban planning in Brasil in 2014, migration during the 2016 European Cup in France, and civil society during last year’s World Cup in Russia.

From the 8th of June until the 7th of July, ZK/U Berlin organizes a Fußballaballa programme around the Women’s World Cup 2019 in France. In a series of four events with film screenings, conversation rounds and interactive happenings, we question ideas of the body and identity, bring people from diverse national and social backgrounds together - and collectively celebrate women’s football!

FUSSBALLABALLA 2019 takes place in cooperation with the coordination department for communal development politics and the equal opportunities commissioner of district Berlin-Mitte.