An Ecosystem in Exile - Vasiliy and Stepan Subbotin (part of ZIP group)

Bus, (c) ZIP group and XL gallery, 2022.

Vasiliy and Stepan Subbotin (part of ZIP group)

During their residency, Vasiliy and Stepan worked in several directions. Considering the war unleashed by Russia in Ukraine and radical changes in the cultural context, it is crucial for them to understand how they can maintain close ties with friends and confederates, save previously established connections, the history of the place they come from, and engage in education. 

Since February 24, most of their colleagues scattered across the world, being in exile. Therefore, their practices have majorly shifted to an online mode. While at ZK/U, they worked on and remotely deliver an educational course on socially engaged art and culture – KICA (Krasnodar Institute for Contemporary Art). Apart from that, they participated in building a new website for Typography CCA and designed a game.They also prepared and published the third issue of Marusya Kazachka – an anarchist historical research project focusing on Krasnodar’s local history.

These vectors intertwined into a single platform or ecosystem, which in the future will be able to exist as an online media about art and politics.

Technopeasants, (c) ZIP group and XL gallery, 2021.
"Aurora", 2018, (c) Steirischer Herbst and ZIP group, photo by Liz Eve, 2018.
A Slightly Flawed Balance, (c) ZIP group and XL gallery, 2017.
This Workshop Strives to be Exemplary, (c) ZIP group and XL gallery, 2012.
Utopia Factory, (c) ZIP group and XL gallery, 2012.

Funding Information

This residency is supported by the Martin Roth Initiative.