Difference is a Field - Lo Moran

Lo (c) Caroline Rose Moore, 2022

Lo Moran

Difference is a Field is an ongoing project by Lo Moran that explores situations of intense personal and political disagreement through conversations, participatory workshops, internet research, consultations with experts and people with stories to tell, attending events, performances, public engagement, and a frank examination of the stories they tell themself about their identity, positionality, assumptions and fears.

These experiences and research have been processed and interpreted through drawings and interdisciplinary exhibitions and are now being developed into a comic and audio series. In their time at ZK/U, Moran will continue to expand on this series by connecting with and documenting conversations with local people who are working with divisive issues in a kaleidoscope of ways, particularly concentrating on conflicts within the political left, in an attempt to find parallels between distinct contexts and share strategies for working with the difference that are urgently needed in our increasingly rupturing world.

Karaoke for the Revolution at Peninsula Park, 2021 (c) Lo Moran, 2022
Assembly 2018 (c) Emily Fitzgerald, 2022

Difference is a Field - Regional Arts and Culture Council Make Learn Build Grant Professional Development Fund awarded from Portland State University for ZK/U residency