Project at ZK/U - Sanaz Sohrabi

Sanaz Sohrabi ( Iran )

During her stay at ZK/U, Sanaz Sohrabi worked on her doctoral research work, including a grant application, a conference presentation at the Institute of Cultural Inquiry, did shooting for her current video essay in progress in Den Haag and Berlin.In her current research-based studio work, she seeks to render visible the marginal stories entangled within Iran’s quasi-colonial history of oil production with which much of its contemporary politics and collective memory have been shaped and imagined. In particular, she takes a close look at the ‘petro films’ of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, as fragments of an archive whose traces should not remain as legitimate history, but rather one should view them as a “recalcitrant event,” one that “reads the object against a fiction of access” (Anjali Arondekar; 2005). In this project, Sohrabi seeks to reconstruct the hitherto fixed evidentiary status of these archival materials and animate their visual ensemble and narrativize ​with and ​through them, so that they reveal their internal contradictions, gaps, and absences.