Conceptual Framework of the Residency Program

Seeing itself as a laboratory for inter- and trans-disciplinary activities centered on the phenomenon of “the city,” ZK/U addresses contemporary artistic positions, ranging from contextual and interventionist to conceptual and street art as its selected themes.

ZK/U promotes international exchange on global issues, in the light of what is happening in one’s own backyard. Working with local and international partners, ZK/U residency brings together critical minds at the cutting-edge of artistic production and urban research.

The work at ZK/U is informed by theoretical and practice-based critiques developed in the disciplines of geography, anthropology, urban planning, architecture and the humanities.

The ZK/U residency is a production space where artists, researchers and practitioners can meet and work on individual or collaborative projects and ideas. Since the ZK/U sees itself as a constantly evolving space, fellows are encouraged to bring their own inputs into the communal life, be it in terms of actions, creating collectives or simply contributing to the maintenance of the space.


We direct our work along specific research themes that are meant to inspire open discussions.
Like ourselves, our discourses change over time.

№ 1

Practical Guides and Solidarity in Urban Learning

№ 2

Urban Infrastructure Revisited

№ 3

Global Discourse and Local Practice

№ 4

Resilient Cities in Post-Migrant Societies