OPENHAUS 21/06/2013

Irwan Ahmett/Tita Salina, Jaro Varga


Irwan Ahmett, Tita Salina and Ferdiansyah Thajib

Irwan Ahmett, Tita Salina and Ferdiansyah Thajib

"We only need to play a little, hack the immune and sterile urban life. The city is our playground: bend it." 

(Urban Bender, Berlin Summer 2013)

Irwan Ahmett and Tita Salina are urban interventionists who are actively engaged with playful approaches to the city using visual communication. Their work explores issues of urban life, environment and purposive public communication. Through popular and convivial languages, they investigate basic human relations within various urban settings. Ferdiansyah Thajib is a writer and co-director of KUNCI Cultural Studies Center, Yogyakarta (http://kunci.or.id). His activities revolve knowledge production at the intersections of theory and practice. His current Phd. research at Institute für Ethnologie, Freie Universitat Berlin tackles the subject of emotional geography and sexuality.






Jaro Varga

Jaro Varga will present two works that have been developed or enriched during his residency:

1. Milovice- military city in Czech Republic

2. Ornament as a statement / Repetition as form of protest