Cross Contextual Conversations, Part 01: Oracle of Berlin + Pizza Steel Drum by Jesper Aabille

CCC is an ongoing program starting in 2016, which aspires to examine and rethink the formats of conversations between different social, educational and spatially divided groups.
These new formats are tools of translation and moderation, of questioning and rethinking, they open the gates for new relations and help overcome static social formations. How can academic knowledge production become more accessible to differently educated? How can everyday wisdom be linked to acknowledged research? How can administrations talk to citizens and viceversa? How can visionaries talk to conservative powers? How can newbies talk to established? 

The ZK/U aspires to challenge all those frontal panel talks, intimidating learning environments, representative policy meetings,…even your rigid family dinner conversations could become subject to change. Swapping roles, spatial reconfigurations, the use of technology…could trigger a change in power structures and allow unusual encounters and surprising revelations. 
Join us!

Oracle of ZK/U

Relating to the Oracle of Delphi, the ancient ‚center of the world‘, KUNSTrePUBLIK - the artist collective behind ZK/U - created a contemporary version of an oracle.
The oracle will use the same mechanisms, that allowed the ancient oracle come up with sometimes surprisingly precise predictions: the density of information. While in the ancient oracle the high frequency of visitors created a hub of knowledge, in the contemporary version, the tools of information exchange will create a democratic prediction process. Bring your mobile phone and some questions about your life in Berlin. How do you want to live, how does the city influence our everyday life, what does it mean for your future?

Pizza Steel Drum

While looking into the future, the Pizza Steel Drum (created ZK/U-resident Jesper Aabille) will trigger some other kind of information exchange: While kneading dough, preparing the toppings and baking the pizza in ’teams’, you’ll find yourself in private and political conversations… 
If you want to join, please send a mail to [email protected] until Monday 9/5/2016
7pm start of the collective pizza making
8pm food and and fortune telling