Artist Dis-Placement at BSR (Berliner Stadtreinigung)

Viktor joined the BSR (Berlin waste management) for six months. During his placement he visited different departments of the BSR and eventually made the relationship between workers and administration a subject of discussion through developing an alternative way of communication.

Home Is Where the Trash Is
(Fraggle Rock, 1985)
I find the potential of the Artist Dis-Placement project in the two following aspects.
Being close to significant socio-political aspects of the ordinary life in a city. As an inter-artist I am able to gain the perspective of workers in relation to a relatively huge company with a long tradition and their relation to the city of Berlin and its citizens. This perspective has great “story” potential and happens mainly with no attention of the intellectual sphere of the society. I consider such peripheral perspectives as vital for a contemporary artistic way of thinking.
Reaching the situation when a huge amount of waste and unwanted material is named trash. This material obviously still has a value and many possible ways of usage. During the project I was able to observe and explore the initial route of such material from the collection to the first processing. Where and under which circumstances such material is transformed is still to be found. Sadly, against my original expectation I was not able to encounter, modify, re-use and distribute any of such material personally and include this aspect into my artistic process. utopia.comlu.com


IAUZK/U Co-op in ZK/U 

A positive subversion of an institution, an improvement from residents perspective and an inter-community knowledge and material exchange. Based on a believe that Art and Artists have a strong link to society and to the social sciences, I focus on possibilities of bringing my energy back to real life situation rather than lock up myself in a >>White cube<< cell. To link people who are able to share and to teach their knowledges, able to cooperate rather than compete with others, is one of the assignments of my idea.


A description of a printing studio serving other colleagues—residents at ZK/U Berlin at ↓


Supplying other colleagues or looking for a new function for objects. Once it is produced, it is more effective  to save or repair rather then to dispose. A big task is also the re-distribution system of such materials and its logistic. Possibilities of re-use at ↓


These can be used by project participants or assigned into a role of “bike sharing” through various Internet projects. By supporting the idea of self—powered means of transportation I perceive it as one social orientated task of civilization.



Once adopted, Open Source is Addictive! and a pleasure to use. It’s ecological aspect is substantial. Literary Unix OS turns old slow computers, into running machines. From trash to use.


As a huge fan of caffeine I would gladly take part or help to organize any activity, where this >>medium<< takes part. I have experimented with situations where a good mixture of caffeine, people and books brings a great atmosphere.