Topping-Out Ceremony // fallingwild

(c) fallingwild, ZK/U Berlin 2019

Werkstatt, Haus der StatistikKarl-Marx-Allee 1, 10178, Berlin,

On 14 Aug 2019, fallingwild celebrates its topping-out ceremony. A facade model – fallingwild – is erected at the Haus der Statistik in front of building A on corner Otto Braun Strasse at Alexanderplatz. On one hand, the model is a sculptural setting that takes up the formal language and modular system of the historical prefabricated building as an abstract model facade. On the other hand, the facade is a test arrangement that proposes a modified system of a relief-like facade over a period of one year, which, with niches, basins and openings, makes the most diverse forms of housing possible for building breeders and wild plants.

In the future, guided tours and workshops will take place on the model in which creative and conceptual prototypes for architecture and urban development will be presented, which understand non-human animals as actively involved city actors and space producers.

During Berlin Art Week, the Haus der Statistik will present a short film featuring video conversations held since February 2019 with experts and activists from the fields of nature protection, biology, architecture and urbanistics. All conversations will be available in the online archive fallingwild.org and will be updated continuously.


fallingwild was developed by Labor k3000 as part of STATISTA.

STATISTA is funded by the Berlin Senate for Culture and Europe.