(c) Katja Marie Voigt, 2022

A Pilots Project


On the second floor of the Urban Stage is the Moabees Studio in which the Moabees honeybee colony and the Moabees group of artists do participative work. They bring together practices from the fields of honeybees, beekeeping, culinary arts, architecture, imagination and playful research in art processes.

Workshop formats (selection):

G├╝terverkehr: Bee Consumption! - An entomophagy workshop in fusion with insect cook Nicole Sartirani // Mikrokosmos Berlin.

Sensing Bees - An exploration of human sensory apparatus and the bee eye.

Insects and Creeps - The Creepy & Weird Insect Encyclopaedia.

Pollen and the Starry Sky - Pollen and Planets - The Starry Eye of the Moab Bee.

Wild Herbs and Honey - The Moabees' Cookbook

Once a year in summer, a large honey-centered cinema presentation and exhibition takes place as part of the Speisekino Moabit.

Website: www.moabees.de

Contact: moabees(at)zku-berlin.org