Lost in Wedding

Edition Oktoberfest Vegan

This Tuesday Fred Frohberg and Lutz Jahoda (The Alchemist kitchen/ Mehr Kraft mit Zwiebelsaft Berlin e.V.) are wearing Dirndl and Lederhosen behind the pots to create a vegan 3 course meal "Bavarian style". There are seasonal and international ingredients, lots of love and no giant fried chicken on the plate.


#First Course: Bread Snack: Beer | Sour Cream | Cucumber | Hops 
#Main Course: Cellery Leg: Jus | Potato | Parsley | Celeriac | Wild Juniper
#Dessert: Bavarian Plum: Bavarian Cream | Hazelnut | Plum 

Price: 15 €

Please RSVP : lostinwedding@zku-berlin.org
(Please note the start time and the number of guests)