Gütermarkt 2017

The Gütermarkt is a hybrid market that brings together local craftsmen, DIY fanatics and jumble salesmen, in order to develop possible socio-economic trade models at a local level. It includes site-specific services and offers spaces for all kinds of action and experiment. Imagination, social critique and productive exchange are important components in addressing continuous ‘urban development’ and change in Moabit. Extending beyond the trade of simple goods, Gütermarkt encourages alternative projects based on knowledge exchange and functions as a local platform for critical urban pedagogy and neighbourhood development. Neighbourhood initiatives, associations and curious individuals can present, test, and revise their products and services at the returning Gütermarkt events. For everyone who does not feel like having a critical discussion, we offer not only workshops and repair of trousers, toasters and bicycles, but also enjoyable live music and culinary delights from the neighbourhood.

Dates 2017 / first Sunday of the month (May - October)

(Registration from 01/04/2017)

G#22 - 07/05

G#23 - 04/06

G#24 - 02/07

G#25 - 06/08

G#26 - 03/09

G#27 - 01/10