THE MENTAL MASONRY LAB - Cédric Noël, Mira Sanders

Cédric Noël ( France ), Mira Sanders ( Belgium )

THE MML is an artistic project that invites the spectator to reflect on public space through exercises of the imagination.

Most approaches to mental imagery tend to consider the image as an internal event, likely to be of use to other internal events (such as those involved in memorisation, understanding, reasoning, etc.). There is also a vast range of situations, during activities involving the creation of objects or configurations, in which THE IMAGE ACTS AS AN ANTICIPATION TOOL. The image plays such a role during the conception of technical or artistic objects, their inventor shaping them gradually.

We would like to create A LARGE EXPERIMENTAL PLATFORM dedicated to the realisation of mental exercises. The aim is to offer new situations that involve the spectator’s mental processes: works one has to create within one’s imagination. This project is not limited to a playful approach to mental exercises. The spectators’ imagination will be involved in matters of PUBLIC SPACE AND SHARED TERRITORY. This aspect allows a common approach to mental experiences which are, by definition, entirely individual.

The contextual dimension will be favourable to the project’s efficiency, for in the case of mental exercises, the memory of things known or seen is an incredible stimulant. On the other hand, this will enable spectators to extend their experiences beyond the exhibition’s space.