The Burrow - Liina Leo

Open House November (c) Slim Oja 2023

Liina Leo ( Estonia )

Der Bau (The Burrow)

In German, ‘Der Bau’, has the more general meaning of ‘construction’, ‘building’, alongside with English word ‘burrow’, ‘a hole or excavation made in the ground for a dwelling-place’. 

The project took an interest in the meanings of building and construction, while questioning the unbearable pleasure of safety, antagonism between freedom and security, that still dominates contemporary life and politics. For Nazi Germany, the concept of Lebensraum, the idea of perfect living space being protected from any external threats, became the extreme ideological principle. The project builds the bridge between the body and the building while questioning the habitation as a reflection of the state of anxiety. The myth of a labyrinth (as a symbol of rebirth) is central to the work, drawing attention rather to a journey with its blind spots and hidden passages.

Holy Pit Performance (c) Max Utech 2023
Der Bau Performance (c) Carmen Santesmases & Mario Ego Aguirre
Tomb_of_Gold_video still_Liina_Leo.
Holy Being of Being Waste (c) Will Britten, 2023.
I had a dream I could buy my way to heaven (c) Will Britten, 2023.
Holy Being of Being Waste (c) Will Britten, 2023.
Gallery Bench (c) Will Britten, 2023.
Mounted (c) Liina Leo, 2022.
Gated (c) Liina Leo, 2022.

Funded by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia