Urban Surfing - Marina Chernikova

Marina Chernikova ( Russia )

During the residency I intend to investigate the transformations of the perception of the contemporary urban environment in Berlin and explore the possibilities of new media for the presentation of the result.

Marina Chernikova lives in Amsterdam and Moscow, holds European Media Master of Arts in Image Synthesis and Computer Animation from HKU (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht) Netherlands and Master of Fine Art in painting from Moscow State Fine Art Academy, Russia.

Her ongoing project URBAN SURFING unites experimental videos and photo based on

the investigations of the borders of psychological perception of the urban environment.

The accelerated tempo of urban life and the development of new technologies have remodeled the experience of reality. They force us to extensive navigation through and allow virtual existence in different places simultaneously. Our physical, psychological and virtual spaces are continually crossing and overlapping, thus forming conglomerates of spaces, on which each of us surfs his own wave. This results in a fragmented and nonlinear perception of our existence and urban environment. Exploration of the possibilities of new media allows translating these phenomena in a physical dimension. Though photographic and video footage are the point of departure the aim is not to create a documentary, but to try to grasp the essence of individual experience.